When should I put the preposition 'to' before 'each other'?

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  • Toadie

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    A bit of context would help, but if I'm thinking along the same lines as you, it should be "to each other".

    For example:
    "We gave gifts to each other."


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    English, U.S.
    A couple of examples come to mind:

    Be nice to each other.
    Talk to each other.

    I'm sure there are other examples, but I can't think of any at the moment.


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    Oh wow! I completely misread the question. I read it as "WHERE should I ...". Sorry about that!

    There isn't really much of a grammar rule, except that it really just depends on whether the verb it follows is transitive or intransitive.

    For instance, "to talk" is intransitive (it takes an indirect object), so:
    "Talk to each other."

    However, "to hit" is transitive (it takes a direct object), so:
    "(*Don't*) Hit each other."
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