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    I am unsure of when to use either of these. I see Greek posters flipping between the two thus causing me, a learner of the language, some confusion. I am under the impression that «» are to be used as talking and quotation marks, yet " " are often used instead, for some reason.

    Thanks for any clarification on when to use either.
  2. Perseas Senior Member


    the Greek quotation marks are only « ».
    But in forums you can very often see " ", although the language is Greek. A reason is that most people - like me - don't know how to make « ». I just found out that the keyboard must be in Greek and then it is Ctrl+Alt+[ for « and Ctrl+Alt+] for » . Another reason is that the use of English quotation marks is spread into the Greek anyway. (Let alone the use of ? instead of ; )
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    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Any particular reason people do not seem to grasp what their language should be using? Not using ; seems especially grievous, to me. Is this encouraged in the media? If most people don't know how to use them, why isn't it made more transparent on the keyboard? For me, they automatically change when I'm in Greek-language mode. Shift+" = «» automatically in Word, and elsewhere as you explained.

    Thank you.
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    Hi. The change from " to appropriate quotation marks is automatic in Word, one of the automatic corrections / conversions. The downside is that, if you do Find and Replace in English text (find " and replace with ") so that straight (typewriter) quotation marks are replaced by so-called smart quotes, your English text gets filled up with the Greek angled quotation marks « ».

    You also get the angled quotation marks when you are using the Greek keyboard in web applications by pressing RightAlt + { or }.

    But if you need to use quotations within the quotations, then you use the curly English ones:

    Και τότε με ρώτησε: «Μα γιατί τι τον φωνάζετε συνέχεια “κύριε Κώστα” αφού τον λένε Αντώνη;»
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    Thanks, Acestor.

    Also, you mention that an English (or other) text would get filled with the Greek quotation marks, why is this less preferable than the other way around may I ask? How about instead of find and replace you just write them as you go along?

    Edit: Thanks for telling me about Right Alt+ [ ], it's now even faster to write the quotation marks.
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    So all those times I have read Wikipedia articles that have been using ", they should have been using «», so disappointing.
  7. Perseas Senior Member

    I dare say that (with some exceptions perhaps) " " have been established in internet forums and SMSs.
    As for the Wikipedia articles, there is no consistency in the use of « ». I 've seen both Greek and English quotation marks in the same article (and I don't refer to Acestor's example in his last sentence #4).
    In online editions of newspapers « » are used, as far as I konw.
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