when to use "le fin" & "la fin"?

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  1. siliconichighway New Member

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    when to use "le fin" & "la fin"?
  2. Gil Senior Member

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    Try there for a start
  3. hald Senior Member

    "La fin" generally means "the end".

    For "le fin", I can only think about two expressions where it's used :
    avoir le fin mot de l'histoire means to know every detail of what happened
    Le fin du fin : cream of the crop
  4. geve

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    la fin / feminine noun = the end
    fin, fine / adjective = thin

    I can only think of one expression where you could read "le fin" (not followed by a noun) : "le fin du fin" = the cream of the crop if WR dictionary is right

    EDIT : and yes, as hald said the adjective "fin" can also mean in some expressions "final / ultimate"... flûte, encore trop tard !
  5. siliconichighway New Member

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    Thanks for the link. Being new to this site, I was not aware of that resource.
  6. jimreilly

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    Mon dictionnaire a:

    savoir le fort et le fin de son art (to know every trick of the trade)

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