Where and when to hold our chess match?

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Hello everyone,

--- Where and when to hold our chess match.

A.How about having a violin match
B. Are there any other important things
C. What are the main things we must discuss
D. What event shall we organize

The question comes from a newspaper for juniors.

My first impression is D, but then I begin to feel uncertain. Could A,B, C and D be all possible?

Thank you.
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  • Andygc

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    How could A or D be questions that get the answer "Where and when to hold our chess match"? At a stretch, B might be possible, but only with appropriate context?

    Liam Lew's

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    C is the most probable answer.
    D certainly doesn't work since "Where and when to organize our chess match" is no event.
    B could work but is a bit unusual, because I'd expect the answer to question B to begin with "yes". So this answer depends on the circumstances.
    A also doesn't work. What is a violin match?

    For A and D to work one needs very very very much imagination.


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    Got it.
    Thank you both.
    (In fact my first choice was C, but I changed it to D in my edited thread :D)


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    Where and when are questions, which are things (mentioned in B and C) but not an event (called for by D) or an opinion (called for by A).

    B is a yes-or-no question, but the answer is not "yes", "no", "maybe", or anything that suggests that it depends.

    C is the best choice because we may need to discuss these questions (where and when), but they are not intrinsically important. They are important only inasmuch as they need to be discussed or thought about.


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    What's the usual answer to "What event shall we organize"?
    What about "a chess match"? (without where and when)

    Thanks again.


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    A would make no sense to me.

    B and C can happen.

    From a strictly logical standpoint, D would be disallowed, but realistically speaking, I could see D happening.

    What event shall we organize?
    Where and when to hold our chess match.
    (meaning to say of course, "the event is implicitly our chess match and we must organize the details (where and when) of said event... for me, personally, that's not really that far-fetched or imaginative)
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