where are all of the pretty fishes?

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  1. hoku hama New Member

    What does this sentence mean "where are all of the pretty fishes ? " And what the difference between the sentence and "where are pretty fishes ? "

    Please tell me the meaning and the difference. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Ann O'Rack Senior Member

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    We need MUCH more context than this.
  3. JustKate

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    I have to agree with Ann. Where did you see this, hoku hama? Or what are you trying to do with this sentence? And what is your specific concern?
  4. hoku hama New Member

    A man went to the sea with his friends. He was on the shore .He was looking into the sea and said the sentence.
  5. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Thank you for giving the context. :)
    Is this for something you are writing, or did you see these sentences somewhere?

    If the man asks "Where are all of the pretty fishes?", we know he has some particular pretty fishes in mind. For example, maybe someone told him that there were pretty fishes at that part of the shore, or he saw pretty fishes the last time he was there.

    If the man asks "Where are there pretty fishes?" then he is asking where to find pretty fishes. He doesn't have any idea where to look, and he is looking for any pretty fishes, not a specific group in a particular place.
    (I would use 'there' in this question.)

    I hope I understood your question. If something still needs to be explained, please tell us. :)
  6. hoku hama New Member

    I saw the sentence on the YouTube channel <-----YouTube reference deleted.----->

    I said a man instead of a girl. There is no reason at all.

    Please see the channel If you have some time.
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  7. Smauler Senior Member

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    "Fish" or "fishes" often refers to the number of men or women out there for you.

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