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When I want to ask a person how much they have finished watching a TV show or a book, at what stage of the show they are watching, at what part of the story they are watching etc., does it make sense to say:

"Where are you at the show?" or "Where are you at the book?"? If not, what would you say in everyday life?

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    Hello hboo. :)

    I would say "Where are you in the book?" or "How far have you gotten in the book?"

    Someone else will have to answer your question about a TV show, as I don't know whether it would be the same.


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    Thank you very much, Cagey. If you want to ask someone how much they have finished watching a TV show or which part of the show they are watching, what do you ask? We have a set sentence for this in Chinese, but I don't know what people say in everyday English.


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    It's possible that people don't really know what you are asking.

    If someone is watching a DVD, I might say "Where have you got to? Have you got to the bit where he kisses her yet?"

    If they are watching in real time and I don't know what the plot is, I might say "Has it just started?", "Is it nearly finished?", or "How long has it been on for?"


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    It doesn't really work very well with a live TV show. But yes, if your friend is watching a recording or a DVD of it you can say something like "How far have you got?"
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