'where' bugs proliferate, they are usually ...

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Where mealy bugs proliferate under the ants' protection they are usually heavily parasitized and this limits the harm they can do.

I think it is the first time i see a "where" here and I wonder why. Thanks a lot!
I also think this sentence must be different from any other where-involved subordinate clause, for example, “Some animals hide by looking like the places where they live. ”.

For the word "where" here is a little hard to understand. I do need your helps!

The sentence i asked is from article "The Ant and the Mandarin".
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    But I cannot find any THERE BEs in the sentence, i am sorry that i did not understand clearly enough...


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    Please tell us the source before we go any further. Also note that having to ask for the source even once just adds unnecessary posts to a thread.
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