Where is the bathroom?

Discussion in 'All Languages' started by ceann-feachd, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. ceann-feachd Member

    USA. English
    Where is the bathroom? I can't think of many questions more important than that. How do you say it in your language?

    In Gaelic:
    Càit' a bheil an taigh beag?
  2. hisashi New Member

    Brazil, Portuguese
    in BRAZILIAN portuguese:
    Aonde é o banheiro?

    edited: sorry, i forgot to put brazilian :p
  3. Hello Ceann-feachd.

    Welcome to the forums. In the UK we use many different bathroom related expressions.

    In a restaurant or bar we say, 'Where are the toilets please?'

    In a private house - 'May I use your loo, please?'

    Asking someone in a public place which you are not familliar with - 'Please can you tell me where the nearest public toilets (or lavatories) are?'

    This thread you have started will receive many replies. I can feel it in my water:eek: .

    I'm interested to read your are studying Icelandic, Gaelic and German. What a choice!

    Please ler us know what your signature is in English.

    Best wishes,
    La Reine V
  4. ceann-feachd Member

    USA. English
    Thanks for the welcome. :)
    Bi toilichte nuair a tha beatha agad, oir bidh tu marbh airson tìde fhada.
    Litterally means, Be happy while you have life, because you will be dead for a long time.
  5. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    In European Portuguese: "Onde é/fica o quarto de banho?" or "Onde é/fica a casa de banho?"
    Also used, sometimes: "Onde são/ficam os sanitários?", "Onde são/ficam os lavabos?", "Onde é/fica o WC?"
  6. Islendingurinn New Member

    Iceland, Icelandic
    Hvar er baðherbergið?
  7. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
    Português/ Brasil
    or : Onde fica o banheiro?
  8. qqqq Member

    In Catalan: On és el lavabo? / On són els serveis?.
  9. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    Czech: Kde jsou toalety?

  10. DeeDee Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish Argentina
    Spanish: Dònde està el baño?
  11. Schibetta New Member

    in swedish: Vart är badrummet?
  12. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    In German:

    Wo ist das Bad? (= bathroom in a house or apartment)
    Wo ist das Badezimmer? (same as above, just formal)
    Wo ist die Toilette? (= lavatory/AE meaning of "bathroom")
  13. Ilmo

    Ilmo Member Emeritus

    Correction: Var är toaletten?
    Or: Var ligger toan?
    Actually, the person asking where is the bathroom does not want to take a bath or shower but to do something else
  14. Ilmo

    Ilmo Member Emeritus

    Finnish, normally:
    Missä on vessa?
    Missä on veesee?

    But if you really want to take a bath or shower:
    Missä on kylpyhuone?
  15. annettehola Banned

    Dansk:1) Hvor er badevaerelset? (Where is the bathroom?) 2) Hvor er toilettet? (Where is the toilet?) 3) Hvor er lokummet? (SLANG) 4) Hvor er det lille hus? (Where is the small house? Reason: The toilet used to be outside in a small shed.)
  16. Agnès E.

    Agnès E. Senior Member

    France, French
    French :

    Où est la salle de bains, s'il-vous-plaît ? (for the bathroom)
    Où sont les toilettes, s'il-vous-plaît ? (for the toilets, in public premises)
    Puis-je utiliser vos toilettes, s'il-vous-plaît ? (for the toilets, in some people's home)
  17. cyanista

    cyanista законодательница мод


    Где здесь (поблизости) туалет, не подскажете?

    (Gdje zdjes (pablIzasti) tualjEt, ne padskAzhetje?)

  18. Lancel0t

    Lancel0t Senior Member

    Philippines - Filipino/English

    Saan dito ang kubeta/palikuran?
  19. nitad54448 New Member

    Romanian : Unde este baia ?
  20. Rich696

    Rich696 Senior Member

    England, English
    I'm surprised nobody had given the colloquial yet. In Britain and Ireland, and particularly amongst kids, one more often than not hears (excuse the crudity):

    Where are the bogs? <<<Most common.
    Where's the bog/crapper/piss-pot/shitter/shithouse/shithole/John/Kermit (Cockney rhyming slang: Kermit the Frog = bog = toilet!)/crap-basket?
  21. Hey Outsider. What does "WC" stand for? I've seen it before but I forgot what it meant. Thanks.

  22. mambo_italiano Member

    Romanian, Italian and English
    or you could say " Unde-i buda/WC-ul?" haha but that really really informal lol...
    if you wanna say it formal it goes like this: "Unde este toaleta?" or "Unde as putea gasi o toaleta?" :D :D :D

    and Happy New Year everyone!!!
  23. mambo_italiano Member

    Romanian, Italian and English
    W.C. stands for: water closet :)

    Romanians are so smart! hehe....but i was wondering....why did they choose two english words to make an Romanian acronym? English people haven't heard of it (i guess?):confused: :D
  24. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    nice:D yes we Japanese call bathroom as W.C. but it's getting rare these days.
    Instead, Toire = toilet, Japanese-English?
    So we say Toire wa doko desuka?
  25. Thanks Mambo Italiano. W.C. is not an acronym used here in the US, at least not in the region where I live. It probably came from British English. What's interesting is that in the Philippines, CR is a common acronym used to refer to the bathroom. It stands for "comfort room."
  26. Ilmo

    Ilmo Member Emeritus

    WC is used in Finland, too, and at least my English-Finnish dictionary recognizes the acronym.
    They still use only the dry type of "C" in Italy? Of course, we use that, too, in countryside, and the we call it "wood-C" or written in Finnish "puusee".
  27. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    In German, we use WC, too, and everyone knows that it is derived from English "water closet". However, notice that "Wo ist das WC?" (= Where's the W.C.?) is kind of elevated language, and not at all colloquial. :)
  28. Agnès E.

    Agnès E. Senior Member

    France, French
    It is a popular (not formal) phrase in French! But we use the plural. I must add this is becoming old-fashioned as well, i.e. teenagers and children don't say it at all.

    - Où sont les WC ?
  29. KingSix Member

    The same as in Dutch although we use in Flanders toilet more often (pronounced "twalet", as in French), then wc.

    "Waar is het toilet?" / "Waar is het wc?" = Where is the toilet/wc).

    The phrase "Were is the bathroom?" in Dutch: "Waar is de badkamer?", is not so frequently used.
  30. Le Pamplemousse

    Le Pamplemousse Senior Member

    USA, English
    Latin: Ubi latrina est?
  31. TheCollector Member

    In Italian :
    Dov'è il bagno ?
  32. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    In Arabic (this is just a suggestion from a learner; corrections are much appreciated):

    أين المراحيض؟ (ayna al-maraa'heed?)

    ee = as in bee
    aa = almost as in father
    h = strongly apirated h, between English h in help and Scottish "ch" as in loch.
    ' = emphasis on last syllable

    But wait for confirmation. :)
  33. cyrille2188 Member

    New Jersey, USA
    The Philippines - Fluent in Tagalog/English; Intermediate in French
    More colloquially in Tagalog:

    Familiar: Nasaan ba ang CR nyo? (As stated above CR=Comfort Room)
    Formal: Nasaan po ba ang CR nyo?

    In English (In New Jersey at least)

    Where is the washroom?
    Where is the lavatory?
    Where is the men's(women's) room?

    But I hear "Where is the bathroom" the most.
  34. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    Australians say, "Where's the dunny?" or "Where's the John?"
  35. angeluomo

    angeluomo Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria
    US English (German/French)

    Hol van a WC?

    férfi WC = men's room
    női WC = ladies' room
  36. 35 posts to this thread.

    A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!
    Are we not a lavatorial lot!

    (Apologies to Thomas Edward Brown)
  37. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    What you say is fine, just a bit too formal (i actually smiled when i read it)
    the word maraa'heed can be found on some public WC. It's a standard language, hence not really "said", rather written.
    The WC is also used, it's international and understood by everyone.
    In Egypt we say hammaam and sometimes even toilette (pronounced in different ways according to people's level of education)
    فين الحمام fein el-hammaam (where's the toilet)
    فين التواليت fein el-toilet (where's the toilet)
    ممكن استخدم الحمام / التواليت momkin astakhdim el-hammaam/el-toilet (can I use your bathroom)
    Other Arabic countries may of course use different expressions, I hope other arabic native foreros would come and share their knowledge here.
  38. amikama

    amikama sordomodo

    ?איפה/היכן השירותים (eifo/heichan ha-sherutim)
  39. gorbatzjov Member

    Belgium, Dutch/French/English
    Dutch: "waar is het toilet, alstublieft" or "waar is de WC, alstublieft" (WC being pronounced as /waysay/)
    Español (España): "Dónde están los servicios, por favor?" (el baño is only to be used when you're familiar with a person)
  40. nestornev New Member

    In Greek we say: " πού είναι η τουαλέτα;"
  41. broasca

    broasca New Member

    I think Unde este o toaleta? sounds better. You can't say baia when you're referring to a public bathroom.
  42. Dalian

    Dalian Senior Member

    Shanghai, China
    厕所在哪儿?(ce suo zai nar?)
    哪儿有厕所?(nar you ce suo?)
  43. alvarezp Senior Member

    If you are not sure wether there is a bathroom or not nearby you ask where is a bathroom like this: "Dónde hay un baño?"
  44. bjervell New Member

    Lier, Norway
    In Norwegian:
    * Hvor er badet? (bad = bathroom)
    * Hvor er toalettet (toalett = toilet. Sounds somewhat formal, but is what I would choose to ask someone I don't know well for the location of their toilet)
    * Hvor er doen? (do = toilet. A rather informal phrase as I see it. Used among friends and family)

    As for WC, you can often see it on signs in Norway, but it is rarely used orally.
  45. elroy

    elroy Motley mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    Here are the Palestinian equivalents of the expressions you suggest:

    وين الحمام (wen il-hammaam)
    (Some people say "fen" as well.)

    وين التواليت (wen it-twalet)
    (Again, "fen" is also possible)

    The last one is the same (pronounced "mumken astakhdem il-hammaam) but it's more common to say استعمل (asta'mel) instead of استخدم.
  46. Su young New Member

    Seoul, KOREA
    Korean, Korea
    Korean : 화장실이 어디에요?

    Wha Jang sil e a di e yo?
  47. nsv Senior Member

    Silkeborg, DK
    What about som pronouncation aid? Especially the eastern languages with all their consonants.

    And forresten, Annette, it is 'badeværelse' not 'badevaerelse' (ALT+0230).

  48. annettehola Banned

    Det er sandt, Niels! Damn me! I can't get that tab working!!
    It is exactly as Niels says: Badeværelse.
    IT WORKS!!! IT WORKS!!!!
    Thanks, Niels!!
  49. cestefi Senior Member

    Dutch Belgium
    waar is het toilet/de WC (where is the toilet?)
    waar is de badkamer (where is the bathroom?)
  50. irisheyes0583 Senior Member

    San José, Costa Rica
    English (USA)
    Español/Spanish: ¿Dónde está el baño? / Dónde están los servicios?
    Português Brasileiro/Brazilian Portuguese: Onde é o banheiro? / Onde fica o banheiro?
    Português Europeu/European Portuguese: Onde é/fica o quarto de banho?
    Français/French: Où sont les toilettes, s'il-vous-plaît?
    Italiano/Italian: Dov'è il bagno ?
    Deutsch/German: Wo ist die Toilette?
    Latin: Ubi latrina est?

    EDIT: Aha! Of course there was a previous thread like this... :eek:

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