Where is the dog? or Where is a dog?


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I am writing a story about a boy looking for a dog. It is not any particular dog so it can be any dog on the street. So would the title be 'Where is the dog?' or ' Where is a dog?'
I think the latter sounds right for the story but not sure if it's grammatically correct.

  • entangledbank

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    'Where is a dog?' is not very idiomatic for this - 'Where is there a dog?' asks the question, but might be too cumbersome for you to use.


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    There are non-specific dogs pretty much everywhere. I don't know why anyone would ask this question. It's a very puzzling title. It might be better to make a statement instead. "Looking for a Dog."


    "Where is a dog?" is used when you want to buy a dog anh don't know where you you can buy one or any cases else like that. In this case, you don't know exactly what does it look like, its characters or its name,.....

    "Where is the dog?" is used after you have described it in detail and you want to look for it cause you 've lost it.
    So i think the second one is more suitable:)
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