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  1. Odriski Senior Member

    I am now reading a polish news in www.wp.pl, and there is a strange sentence I can't understand, because there is no verb in it. The sentence is as below:
    To reakcja ogłoszenie przez Rosję wprowadzenia embarga na polskie owoce i warzywa
    So where is the verb in the sentence? Is that "jest", which is odmitted in this sentence?
    To make you better understand, I also give out the original context in the website:http://wiadomosci.wp.pl/kat,1515,ti...8752,wiadomosc.html?src01=6a4c8&ticaid=1132da
    Please help to analyze this sentence, why there is no verb in it? Which is the verb for the whole sentence?

    Many thanks and best regards

  2. Lorenc Senior Member

    Wait for the native speakers' replies, anyway you're right, the `missing' verb is 'jest': To jest reakcja... (This is a reaction to the announcement by Russia of the imposition of an embargo on Polish fruits and vegetables). The verb 'to be' is normally left out in constructions beginning with 'to'. Anyway what I find suprising is the lack of 'na' before 'ogłoszenie', ie I expected: 'To reakcja na ogłoszenie przez Rosję...'. Maybe that's just a typo?
  3. Odriski Senior Member

    Grazie! I think this is so far the only reasonable explanation for the sentence, but I am not sure if in polish "jest" can be also odmitted, like in Russian? Hope some native speaker can really help.

    Many Thanks

  4. Mindarion New Member

    Lorenc is absolutely correct, the verb is "jest" and it's ommited in this sentence. It's quite common in polish language, especially when following sentence starting with "to" refers to a noun from one of the previous sentences, eg: "Spotkałem wczoraj Kasię. Rozmawialiśmy chwilę. To [jest] naprawdę miła dziewczyna", "Tata pokazał mi swój album ze zdjęciami, to [jest] jego najcenniejsza pamiątka z dzieciństwa.", etc.
    Lorenc is also correct with lack of "na" before "ogłoszenie" - it's just a typo. Wp.pl is well known for its low quality articles. It's better to search for news on pap.pl (Polish Press Agency).

  5. Odriski Senior Member

    Thank you for your explanation and your recommandation of the polish news website!
  6. vpprof Member

    Definitely not in the same way as in Russian. In Russian you can say "Он дурак", whereas you can't say "On dureń" in Polish. It's really more about using "to" rather than omitting the verb. "Golf to jego nowa pasja", "Acha, to dlatego nie chciałeś przyjść na przyjęcie?", "To mi się nie podoba" etc.

    A very similar construction is "jest to", though it's more formal: "Jest to dla mnie wielki zaszczyt przemawiać przed tak szacownym gronem.", "Stojan jest to część silnika pozostająca w bezruchu." etc.

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