Where it has not been requested

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  1. flyingcat2008 Senior Member

    HI, everyone!
    What "it" represent in "where it"??
    What "its" represent in "where its"??
    Can you just explain the structure of "where" clause? It beyond of my understand:~

    Thank you!
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  2. Esca

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    The first "it" doesn't have a specific meaning... it's the same "it" you use when you say "It is cold outside."
    "Where it has not been requested..." means "In cases where it has not been requested..."
    The second "it" seems to refer to B company.

    Hopefully my rephrasing will help you.

    "In cases where no requests have been made in writing to assist in safety evaluations and recommendations, in cases where B company's recommendations are not adopted in full, or ...."
  3. flyingcat2008 Senior Member

    Thank you,Esca!!

    You are good teacher. Your explaination on "it" really help me a lots:)

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