where people write in with a problem

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    Here's the sentence:
    This problems comes from a newspaper column where people write in with a problem, and other members of the public give their advice.

    I couldn't find the expression "in with" in the WR dictionary, but I think that is an "about" synonyms in this case.

    Is "about" correct in this sentence?
    Are there any difference between them?
    What does the expression "in with" mean in general?

    I'm sorry if my questions aren't so interesting or clever.
    I only speak a little English.
  2. Murphy

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    Hi rinsim,

    "In" goes with the verb "write" in this case. Verbs followed by prepositions or adverbs are called "phrasal verbs" in English. The addition of a word like "in" can change the meaning of the verb or add something to it.

    In this case "write in" means "write to the magazine/newspaper".

    You are right that "with" here is similar to "about".

    People write in with their problems = People write to the newspaper about their problems.
  3. DavideV

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    Penso che tu abbia fatto solo un po' di confusione: "in" si riferisce a "write" e "with" a "problem"

    ...people write in | with a problem...

    "...le persone scrivono esponendo i loro problemi, e gli altri iscritti danno i loro consigli"

    Edit: ecco, Murphy mi ha anticipato! :)
  4. rinsim Member

    Thanks a lot.
  5. Murom

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    Russia, Moscow
    Murphy, thanks for the explanation! I've just recently faced such a case myself ))

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