Where/ Where...from?


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I have found following sentence structures in different dictionaries:
-Where did you get that wonderful carpet?
-Where did you get your shoes from?

Is it optional to use from at the end of such sentences? Or there is a difference of sense between these two structures?

Similarly, in some cases questions starting with 'How' have 'for' at the end while in others it's absent, such as;
-How much longer will this cold weather go on for?
-How long are you going to be (= what amount of time are you going to spend) in the bathroom?
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    There could be a very small difference in use. We might say 'from' with shops and similar places: I got my shoes from Smith's Shoes in the High Street. We probably wouldn't say 'from' if it was from another country. I got the carpet in Uzbekistan, when I was working there. So 'where?' is answered 'in Uzbekistan'. But 'from' would be possible (and optional) if you were asking about a carpet shop.

    The other question is not really the same thing, because there it's the verb that chooses the preposition: I am going to be another ten minutes in the bathroom, but the cold weather is going to go on for three days. (We can't say :cross:go on three days.)
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