Where's the cane?

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I have a difficulty realizing a few words from a movie.

"Slow clap."
"- Where's the cane?
- All right!"
"- The man is drunk!
- Where's the cane?"
"Where's the gong?"

The situation:
After the rehearsal dinner of the wedding, the groom and his friends got drunk, they sitting on the beach and waffle.
So, they tell him to make speech, because he didn't had one on the wedding dinner. now, he make the speech, then his drunk friend tells him "Where's the cane?" and his other drunk friend ""Where's the gong?""

I know cane can refer to a lot of things, but I can't find the right one.
Please help me.
  • MuttQuad

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    In this case, the cane and gong refer to entertainment of yesteryear in which amateurs were allowed to perform. If they were really awful, a loud gong would be rung, and a long cane with a curved neck used to drag them off the stage.
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