1. zurcleugim New Member

    Spanish, Costa Rica
    Hello again,

    I am not sure how to say in french "whether"

    I need to say this sentence in french.

    "Who knows whether this bus will arrive at all?"

    thank you.
  2. mickaël

    mickaël Senior Member


    In this context, whether = si.

    Qui sait si ce bus arrivera à la fin ?
    (I'm not sure how to translate "at all" here, sorry :( )
  3. carolineR

    carolineR Senior Member

    Indian Ocean
    Qui sait si ce bus arrivera tout court (non pas à quelle heure, mais qui sait si ce bus arrivera, tout simplement) :)
  4. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    The question is about the use of "whether". It means "either yes or no"
    You can simply say " qui sait si ce bus va arriver?"

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