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Gabriel Malheiros

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Portuguese - Brazil
Hello, guys

I saw in a quiz this question :

"Which country's flag has a Ak-47 rifle on it?" ... Does it mean "flag of which country has a AK-47 on it", doesn't it?

So, I would like to know if I can use this structure "which/what + noun + 's + noun" with "brand", for example? Can I say

"Which brand's smartphone should I get?", or at least "Which brand smartphone should I get?"??

Is it wrong?

Thank you in advance!
  • Kirill V.

    Senior Member
    I think the smartphone thing goes back to the earlier thread on colours :D

    Which brand smartphone should I get? Which colour smartphone should I get?

    Which smartphone brands you do not like? What smartphone colours you don't like?

    Looks like when they don't like/take something they are talking about the colour /brand, when they take it they are talking about the thing
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