which bring funerals to mind (funereal)

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Allegro molto

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I don’t like melodies which bring funerals to mind.
(self-made sentence)

Are there any adjectives or prepositional or participle phrases which can substitute for the clause 'which bring funerals to mind'?

My try:
I don’t like funerallike melodies. (funerallike is my coinage.)
I don’t like melodies like funerals.

Thank you
  • cyberpedant

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    English USA, Northeast, NYC
    From the OED:

    funereal, a.
    [f. L. fūnere-us (f. fūner-, fūnus: see funeral) + -al1.]
    Of or pertaining to a funeral; appropriate to a funeral. Hence, gloomy, dark, dismal, melancholy, mournful.
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