Which dialect of Hakka do you speak?


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I recently met a Chinese woman who is Hakka and I was wondering how to ask which dialect of Hakka she speaks (since, if I understand correctly, there are many different types of Hakka, right? Are some dialects of Hakka more standard than others?).
Would anyone know how to ask this question in Mandarin?

Thanks! :)
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    Hakka is Hakka
    Other dialects which may have similar voicing are Teochew, Hokkien/hokklo and possibly Foochow and some others I’m not aware of.

    Personally, I think what should be asked is “do you speak any other dialect besides Hakka?”



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    Which dialect of Hakka do you speak?

    汉语 is a big language family and has many dialects, but each dialect has their dialects too. 客家话 hakka also has its dialects.




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    那 [simply used to introduce a question in speech] 客家話你講的是哪一種?


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    我倒是觉得各地的中文(普通话)/华语/国语 习惯用法差别真的很大。
    对于大陆的人来说, 哪个地方的客家话 在(特别是口语)提问的时候是最常见而且几乎是唯一的表达。
    比如有个人在说某种方言, 旁边的人听不懂也不熟悉,就会问“他说的是哪里的方言/话啊” 而不会问 “他说的是哪种方言啊”


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    I don't think anyone will ask " which dialect of Hakka she speaks".
    In my opinion, Hakka is one of dialect in Chinese. It is a mother tongue instead of an official language of city / district.
    For my example, both my mom and dad were born in different district of Guangdong Province of China. Cantonese is dialect of Chinese. But you never ask which dialect of Cantonese they specks" especially for non-Cantonese people. We will ask which place you comes from when we alerted the differences.
    香港是早年既移居城市, 很多中國各省的人來到, 通常問你是, 以語言或地區來問, 不同方言, 你係客家人? 潮州人? 上海人? 大家都係廣東話既, 係東莞人, 增城人? 我覺得中國人文化, 很少關心別人識咩其他語言, 最開心你識和我同一種語言.

    I am wondering how questioner understand about Hakka in Chinese culture.