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Hello everyone,

From the book (on ice hockey) 99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky:

"But in February 2015, Chicago’s star right-winger, Patrick Kane, had sixty-four points in sixty-one games and then broke his clavicle after Florida’s Alex Petrovic cross-checked him into the boards. It put him out for the rest of the season. Stan put Patrick on the long-term reserve list, which doesn’t count against the cap. That gave him a couple of million dollars."

Does it mean that the limit to the salary (the cap) didn't apply to him in this case?

Thank you.
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    Hello Michael,

    I think it is probably referring to the salary cap:

    The NHL salary cap is the total amount of money that National Hockey League teams are allowed to pay their players.
    NHL salary cap - Wikipedia

    In this instance, Patrick was put on the long-term reserve list, so that he could still receive pay while he was injured, but that pay didn't count towards the cap, and therefore didn't affect other player's salaries in the team.

    [A hockey fan/expert can probably explain it better, but that is what I think it means.]
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