Which doll don't you want to wake up the most?

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Hello, everyone:

My daughter put three dolls in her bed, they are red, blue and pink dolls. She said she didn't want to wake them up, but if she had to wake up two dolls, she would only choose the red and blue dolls.
Then I asked: "Which doll don't you want to wake up the most?"
She answered: "The pink doll."

1. Which doll don't you want to wake up the most?
2. Which is the least probable doll you want to wake up?

Does #1 sound bad? Does #2 sound good? If not, do you have a better way to ask?

Thank you.
  • The Newt

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    I would have said "Which doll do you least want to wake up?" Your option 1. is grammatical but odd, and 2. is wrong for this kind of conversation.


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    Which doll would you least like to wake up?
    Which doll should stay asleep?
    "the least probable doll" doesn't make much sense.

    Hermione Golightly

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    I agree from a BrE perspective. Your #1 is quite confusing!

    (Are you really having these conversations in English? It doesn't matter if you aren't, but how wonderful if you are. What a gift you're giving her!)


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    The adverb least or most should be adjacent to the verb want or like, because otherwise it gives the impression that it might be modifying the waking up. How awake does she want the dolls to be? :confused:
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