Which has your socks knocked off


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“I have a weakness for black coffee ,which has your socks knocked off.

’have a weakness for something’ means ’be unable to resist the temptation of something’ .So he said that he likes black coffee very much.

But "to knock your socks off" is a phrase meaning to amaze,impress or astonish you.
Is it appropriate to use this phrase in the conversation scene in the picture above? I don’t quite understand the meaning.
  • It would make sense and sound fine to say " . . . for coffee that knocks your socks off", but "which has your socks knocked off" is just weird, and wrong.

    Much of the rest of the conversation is weird too. It's not at all natural.
    Thank you all so much.
    Could you tell me which parts of the conversation are weird or odd too? I greatly appreciate it.
    Yes: read the text carefully, and if something looks unusual or strange to you, ask a question about that specific word or phrase.:)