which indicates its value for our well-being


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Furthermore, I have designated each plane with a number corresponding to the step in the evolution of human learning ability. The numbering system is useful to keep the developmental perspective about the path of consciousness prominent in our thinking. The numbering system also provides a convenient way to quantify the measurement of human thought, as shown later, so that we have a metric rank of the degree of coherence of different thoughts, which indicates its value for our well-being.
(Feeling Good; C. R. Cloninger)

I assume 'its' should refer to 'thought'. Would you be so kind as to tell me whether you agree with me on this?

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    I assume 'its' should refer to 'thought'.
    So do I. :) Strangely, I think he has used "its" correctly.

    He is referring to each individual thought having "a metric rank" (or, as we say, "a value.") but he has had to think of synonym for "metric rank" - hence "its value".
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