Which of the following/followings is true?


In a multiple choice question,

For example:

Do you say
"Which of the following is true?"
"Which of the followings is true?"

Question: The capital city of France is ....

A. London
B. Ankara
C. Paris
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    "Which of" is usually followed by a plural noun, but "the following" is never pluralized in form. "The following" remains the same for both singular and plural meanings.


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    I don't know why, but many English teachers use the second one.
    I assume you don't mean teachers from England. If you mean teachers of English ("English teachers" could have either meaning), then they are evidently not native speakers and don't use the language properly.


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    The actual meaning of your example is "Which of the following answers is true?"* with following an adjective. However, it is very common to leave out the noun and use just the adjective, as was done here.

    * I don't like true in this question. I think correct would be much better.