Which of these is the cabbage patch and which is the prep?

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This comes from the show Ugly Betty, season 4, episode 416.

Amanda and Mark comes to see Whilelmina at the hospital. They meat the doctor on the way in and he strongly advises them to not let her work that much. So, he decided to put her asleep by increasing the amount of morphine in her body. He says Amanda to distract Whilelmina while he's looking the special button. Amanda comes up to Whilelmina and says: "I have a very important question to ask you, Whilelmina. Which of these is the cabbage patch and which is the prep?" Then she starts showing her some sort of moves. Could you tell me what she means by "cabbage patch" and "prep"?

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    This intriqued me so I googled "cabbage patch" and found the following definition under Urban Dictionary:
    http://forum.wordreference.com/products.php?term=cabbage patch&defid=489941
    Dance move that white guys tried to have catch on to confuse women into thinking that white guys have rhythm. Successfully performed when both your shoulders and fists (which are placed together in a manner that looks like you just connected both ends of an extension cord) move in time with each other in a fluid, circular motion. All the rage in the late 80's and early 90's.

    and the same dictionary shows Prep as being
    a derogatory name for a guy or a girl who takes pride in the way they approach, and appear, in life
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