which (one) better is / which (one) is better


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I was wondering if it's correct to say

I can't say which (one) better is

because as far as I know if I use the better and add a one to which, the word order would be

I can't say which one the better is.

Thank you for you help!
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    We would say "I can't say which (one) is better." The "one" is optional, depending on the situation. We would not use either of your suggestions, I'm afraid.

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    Thanks for the answer and the welcome.

    I just found in another thread similar examples that might help me understand

    Well, I understand why morior put a red cross against it, eli - though technically "correct", it's awkward and unlikely.

    As I said, the most likely options use "which [one]" as subject:
    Tell me which is the best.
    Tell me which one is the best.

    Of the options with "the best [one]" as subject, I'd say that:
    Tell me which the best one is
    is better / less awkward than:
    Tell me which one the best is.
    Can this explanation be applied to both of my examples, at least the second one? Does it matter that quoted examples request information and mine don't?
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    Hello agentesecreto - welcome to the forums!

    Can you tell us something about the situation in which you want to use this sentence? In particular:
    - how many things are there?
    - what question has the speaker been asked? For example, did the questioner say:
    Which is better?
    Which one is better?
    Which is the better one?
    Which is the better?



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    Thank you for welcoming me.

    It's about comparing two things, like books or records. Actually, the imaginary question would probably be

    Which of these two books is (the) better in your opinion?

    and the answer could be completed with

    ...because they're both really good.

    However, your proposed questions could serve, too, given the context.
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    Hi again agentesecreto

    If the question is
    Which of these two books is better?
    then the answer's likely to be:
    I can't say which is better.
    I can't say which one's better.

    If the question is the rather more formal
    Which of these two books is the better?
    then the answer's likely to be:
    I can't say which is the better.
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