Which one do you like (the) most


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Which one is correct?
A)Which one do you like the most?/What do you do the most in your free time?
B)Which one do you like most?/What do you do most in your free time?
As I have to say my opinion: "A"
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    I guess there are not any grammatical differences between AE and BE, though I look forward to hearing from A British speaker as well.


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    both are fine - I'm Australian but I've been living in England for 11 years and I'm sure you'll hear both versions there too. It depends on the individual.


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    According to Michael Swan the before most used as an adverb is often dropped in an informal style. (Source: Practical English Usage Third Edition, page 331.) You could consider the word mostly: What do you mostly like to do in your free time?


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    I would like to ask where would "the most" go in the answer to this type of questions...

    I like this one (the) most? or could it be also (The) most I like this one?

    Thank you! :)


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    What do you do the most in your free time?
    This one sounds off to me, I'm afraid, and the version without the article only a little less off.

    What sort of reply are you expecting to the question? Would this be part of a dialogue, with "the most" referring to one of several choices?