Which one is OK to indicate my concept?(Bingo, right on...)?

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Persian (Farsi)
In Persian language, we have a term to indicate the situation, in which we are pleased with someone’s correct words, good, pleasant or sometimes successful action which they have done. I doubt but I think there should be a saying or term in English too which can be used in all of these senses! Anyhow I wonder if you tell me how do you as natives convey such a concept in English language? (I have found several equivalents in English but I doubt that whether they mean the same or not)
a) Bingo!
b) Right on!
c) Hats off to you! = I take my hat off to you!
d) Bully for you!
e) High five!
[I think all of them are spoken (informal) and semantically they mean the same but their usages are different; in the manner that:
--- When you (or someone else), have / has done something successfully, you address yourself or them by saying bingo! It shows you are pleased with yourself / them?
--- When someone says something completely correct, also you like their words, you say “right on
--- “Hats off to somebody” or “I take my hat off to somebody” in my view, is used to say that you admire someone very much because of what they have done.
--- “Bully for you” is slightly different in my opinion; it is used when you do not that someone has done something very special, but they want you to praise them. (Although I doubt whether this is the only usage of this saying)]
--- As a way to praise someone and showing your please with them, I think it is not possible to use “high five”; this saying is used to show the action of hitting somebody’s open hand(s) with your own above your heads to show that you are pleased about something; (Though I doubt about my opinion yet)
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