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Hello, everybody!

I came across the expression in a book by Catherine O'Flynn "What was lost". Here is the paragraph.

They had just finished their latest research project. This week's had been a wide-ranging Which?-style report on pear drops. Kate and her father shared a passion for them and had visited fifteen different sweet shops to compare size, sugar coating (or smooth), price per quarter pound, degree of acidity.

Could you explain what are Which?-style reports in general? What is studied in them?

Thank you.
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    It is not a common expression. I can only guess that the author meant a report that primarily addresses which pear drops are the best, cheapest, biggest, most acidic, etc.


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    Which? is a UK magazine that conducts independent research on the quality and value of consumer products. It has been around for many years and the expression "Which?-style report" is immediately recognisable here.
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