Which UK universitites offer it?


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I am British, I will be applying to university next year after my GAP year and I'm quite sure that I'll be studying Polish with Spanish. I believe that in the UK, only 3 universities offer Polish: Sheffield, UCL and Glasgow. For my course, UCL and Glasgow ask for BBB, while Sheffield BBC. Which of these would be the best? I don't mind where abouts in the UK I go, and my grades hopefully will be enough for all of these (I'm ABB through ASs). Are there any other universities who offer Polish? Thanks so much, thaliafan
  • I don't know about other universities, but the Slavistics department at Glasgow U is fairly strong.

    I know that Westminster University in London offers Polish courses too. However I don't know what grades you need to get there :eek:
    Heve you been thinking about studing it in Poland? I see you don't mind wherabouts in The UK you go so why not try to study it in Poland? Unless you feel strongly tied to the UK :D