Which was the first team to do the double in English football?


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"Which was the first team to do the double in English football?" ('Do the double' meaning, an occasion when a football team wins two major competitions in a single season)

This is an example for the definition of "double". I haven't seen any example "to verb" indicates a future. I've only seen "to verb" means always a future while a gerund (-ing) implies the past. For example: "I remember to go to the library" and "I remember going to the library".

Could you help me understand how "to" could mean a future?

source: double Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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    It's not a future in your example. The use of "was" is an indicator.

    They were the first to land on the moon. That is clearly not in the future :D

    Or perhaps I do not understand your issue.

    They will be the first men to land on Mars. That is a future event:)
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