While I am studying/I was studying


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I am wondering about this scenario.

My friend wants to come over. I have to study and will probably be studying all night.

I say: if you were to come over, you’d just be sitting there while I am studying/I was studying.

I feel like “I am studying” works because i will in fact be studying. “Was studying” would work if I was talking about a hypothetical situation in which I would be studying.

For example:

If we were to meet up, you would just be sitting there while I was studying.

In this Situation it is clear that I am describing a hypothetical scenario, is that correct?
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    It appears to me that OP is trying to set out conditions for their meeting. I would say "You may drop by if you agree that you will leave me undisturbed while I am studying." But I am not a native, I am not sure if it is idiomatic.
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