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Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by trigel, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. trigel Senior Member

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    איך אפשר לתרגם לעברית את הביטוי האידיומטי הזה?
  2. arielipi Senior Member

    context needed.
    you dont say idiomatic in hebrew.
  3. airelibre

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    Are suggesting אידיומטי is not natural: that ניבי is better?

    You really should avoid trying to translate idioms from one language to another, unless it is necessary, because often there is not an idiom for something in one language while there is for another.

    If you mean in the sense of "incidentally/by the way", ie just a gap-filler before saying something, אגב/דרך אגב would suffice.

    If you want to say "while you're at it, do this for me" then I don't think there is an idiom. Just say the literal, "while you're doing that", or whatever is natural depending on the context.
  4. ystab Senior Member

    I think he means that ביטוי or צירוף suffices.

    For the second option airelibre proposed, I would also use the colloquial על הדרך (lit. on the way). For example, אני איפגש אתו לארוחת צהריים ועל הדרך אציע לו להצטרף לטיול.
  5. arielipi Senior Member

    אתה אומר ביטוי במקרה הזה.
    ניב is more a dialect.

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