whine-a-thon ?

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I saw a TV drama 'Terminator' then a girl say this colloquial kind of word.
And the translation was somewhat similar to whine itself.
I could not get any nuances about whine-a-thon.
Could someone tell me about this whole sentence's nuance, and the meaning?

Thank you.
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    The Compact Oxford defines telethon as a long television programme broadcast to raise money for a charity. The bold is mine because long is the point of anything with a-thon attached to it, such as dance-a-thon, walk-a-thon, read-a-thon or whine-a-thon. The events just never seem to end.


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    You haven't given us the sentence you are asking about!
    Generally, if you add -athon or a-thon to the end of something you are suggesting a very long and perhaps exaggerated version of it. It comes from marathon.
    So a sing-a-thon means singing for a very long time, probably involving a lot of people.
    A whine-a-thon is a long and protracted whine (grumble, complaint) about something.


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    Thank you for your quick replies!
    To both Copyrights and panjandrum san.

    Yes, the nuance will be exact to the situation a girl was talking about who's staying at foster house and children there keep fighting and complaining and never stop their deed.

    Sorry, that I forgot to add the above information behind.

    Best regards.
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