whisk, beater, hand mixer


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There's an existing thread about the first two in the title (whisk and beater), but since it's a 10-year-old thread I'd like to ask about the current trend, by including "hand mixer" (which was briefly mentioned in the existing thread) in this topic. I prefer the opinions of native speakers in this forum to the Wikipedia article.

So, is it correct to call the first two below a "
whisk" and the third one a "hand mixer"? Then what is a "beater"?




Example sentences by me:

1. Why do many Japanese people prefer to use chopsticks when beating eggs? Is a whisk difficult for them to use?
2. Do you use a whisk or hand mixer when beating eggs?
3. Do you use a whisk or hand mixer when whipping cream?
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    Thank you very much, mbfhh. Since there might be an AE/BE difference, may I know which English-speaking country you are from?


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    American English, though my mother is British. She calls #3 an "electric mixer."
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