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Please correct and explain this sentence.
I failed to understand it.
"The man whistled and spoke to it with the sound of whip-lashes.
Thanks a lot.
  • "The man whistled and spoke to it with the sound of whip-lashes.
    This sounds like my Dah as he walked or rode behind the mob of sheep or cattle he was droving. He would whistle to his dogs and crack his whip in the air to signal the dogs to go forward or back or right or left or do anything that the dogs were capable of doing to control the mob. Whistles and whip cracks were the only sounds he could make that the dogs could hear above the din of the mob. He also had a wooden clapper that he rattled above his head to give more urgent commands.

    Ahh to the old days.

    Thank you
    It's a great explanation. I like it a lot.
    Please tell me which word is more suitable "spoke" or "shouted"
    It´s entirely subjective. "Spoke" means that it was communication without extreme emotion, in a normal manner and with a normal volume and tone of voice. The author probably meant this as a kind of "conversation", a peaceful or at least normal situation, where the shepherd was not particularly excited or emotional. He just uses the whip's crack to give instructions.