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Hi there, could you please explain" white -knuckle"
Thanks in advance

Nigeria have traditionally hosted their own tea parties, the kind of crazy affairs with unrealistic expectations, white-knuckle rollercoaster rides and spectacular crashes. This time around, kindly Swede Lars Lagerback has fewer March Hares and Mad Hatters to deal with, in fact, this could be the most defensive-minded Nigeria side in recent memory
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    white-knuckle rollercoaster rides and spectacular crashes.
    White knuckled... when something takes place at a really fast speed.. at a speed that it almost feels like its out of control.. like its about to crash..

    When you ride a roller coast, you grip really really hard.. and your fingers go white as the blood is forced out of them.. thats where it came from.. I'm guessing it wouldn't translate very well in countries where people have a darker skin than most English speaking countries..



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    I was listening to a song which title is "white knuckle ride", I understand the concept after reading the previous post, but how could it be translated into spanish?

    Thank you.


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    Yo creo que la expresión que usaríamos en Latinoamérica tendría que ver con la cara (white-face, maybe???) Porque cuando uno se asusta mucho o tiene una gran impresión la cara se le pone blanca o pálida. Y en ese sentido, pues se traduciría conforme sea popularmente conocido en el sitio donde la vayas a usar. En Colombia es común oir decir... "se puso como un papel (la cara)", "se le fue/corrió el color (de la cara)", se puso pálido".
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