white linings through ribbons?


He sent her orders for coverings for all his rooms, ranging from blue bedcovers with (1)white linings through ribbons, "as many and as beautiful as possible," to (2)"a large quantity, 20-30 yards, of the lovely heavy pink satin material."

It's somewhat hard for me to imagine how the bedcovers he ordered looks like. It is blue and has white linings(inside parts of the bedcover). But "through ribbons?" Is it saying that the inside parts should be attached to the bedcover with ribbons???

Besides the curtains, he ordered material, I think. Then, did he ordered many materials and each of them was 20-30 yard-long?
  • Kelly B

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    I think the sentence structure here is "ranging from ... through... to...."
    The blue bedcovers have white linings. He ordered everything he needed: bedcovers, ribbons, and about 25 yards of pink satin fabric. Since these are part of a range of things he ordered, he might also have ordered some other things that are not mentioned specifically.


    Oh, yes! That's right! I've misread the structure.
    And now I understand the phrase (2), too!
    Thank you.