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    I´ve been trying to translate the word "White paper" into German. However, in this context it is referring to a document produced by a company to explain why what they do is important/relevant... almost a sales pitch on paper of their cloud services, and why people should use them over physical servers. It´s been called a ´white paper´ in English but I think that is more a political term, as in a proposed Bill to go before parliament. Therefore, the translation into German of "die Gesetzesvorlage" might not be correct in this conext.
    Please would somebody be able to suggest whether this word is fine for a translation of a document of this type, or if there is a better word to cover the description without having a political vibe.
    Thanks :)
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  3. Ernesto91 New Member

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    Thank you :)
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    Well, in the IT and electronics industry a "White Paper" is supposed to be the exact opposite of sales literature. It is supposed to explain the detailed background and technical and scientific concepts of a technology or service, without any of the commonly vague sales lingo.
    But you're right, in reality it is usually an extensive and finetuned sales brochure!

    So, you could also use "Konzepterklärung", "Konzeptanalyse", etc (but NOT 'Produktbeschreibung' or similar, because this inherently conveys a sense of sales literature!)
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    That´s just it Manfy!! It´s not technically a sales pitch, but it does have that tone, which is partly why I was having such trouble. I´ll give Konzeptanalyse a go, that seems closest. Many thanks :)

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