1. dancelover96 New Member

    How do you say "white water rafting" in Spanish such as "I went white water rafting in costa rica" . Thanks
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  2. Mowgli78 Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    Spanish (Spain) and Catalan
    "White Water Rafting" can be translated just as "descenso de ríos de aguas blancas", but it's quite a technical way to say it.

    It would be better if you just translate it by "descenso de rápidos" or even "ráfting en rápidos"

    But, as when we talk about rafting we assume that we are talking about white water rafting, I should translate your phrase simply as "fui a hacer ráfting a Costa Rica".
    If you need to emphasize that is "white water" rafting, you should say "fui a hacer ráfting en rápidos a Costa Rica"
  3. godelcah Senior Member

    Monterrey, México
    Mexican Spanish
    the sport of traveling on rivers and streams by raft.
    Luego la tradución pudiera ser:
    Fuimos a balsear en los rápidos de Costa Rica.
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    Thank you so much
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