Whiteread did, of course, suffer uninvited publicity

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Doe the following text imply

1. When she designed a label for Beck's, Whiteread was not famous. Later, after her artwork titled House won the Turner Prize she became famous.


2. When she designed a label for Beck's, Whiteread was somehow famous, but not as much as Emin. She actually had become famous after her artwork titled House had won the Turner Prize?

I think the latter is intended. What do you think?

As importantly, Beck’s have also developed a marketing strategy around the bottle, commissioning high-profile artists to create labels, the first of which was a limited edition of 2,000 by Gilbert and George for their 1987 exhibition at the Hayward. Emin again figures here, having posed in the bath for a label at the time of the 1999 Turner Prize, although other labels have been commissioned from well-known artists whose names are not usually associated with celebrity or brand imaging in the way that Emin is. These include Richard Long, Bruce McClean and Rachael Whiteread. Whiteread did, of course, suffer uninvited sensationalist publicity when she won the 1993 Turner Prize with House. This work was built with the support of event/public arts commissioning agency Artangel and financed by Beck’s (Whiteread also produced a label with a photograph of House for Beck’s) (Art and Advertising by Joan Gibbons).
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    Neither of those assumptions seems to be implied in the text you’ve quoted.

    Rachel Whiteread won the 1993 Turner Prize with her artwork “House” – funded by Beck’s. In the same year, a picture of that work was reproduced on a limited-edition Beck’s beer bottle label. No doubt both of those facts, combined with the controversy surrounding them, contributed to her becoming famous.


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    Whitehead was already known (due to winning the 1993 Turner prize and the accompanying sensationalist publicity), but not usually connected to "celebrity" or "brand imaging" in the same way as Emin.

    I'm not sure that being connected to "celebrity" and "brand imaging" is quite the same as being famous, but (perhaps) more being known in a specific kind of way.
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