Who are Martyrs?


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Hi guys,

I am going to know that based upon the western context and western culture, for whom you use the word "Martyr"?

For example in text, everywhere in newspaper or novel or ...,have English writer used it for Soldiers who have killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, American Independence from Britain,...?

Many thanks in Advance
  • Hermione Golightly

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    'Martyrs' are people who have given their lives or suffered a lot for a cause they think is worth fighting for, or supporting, not just in military battles or political causes but religious ones, and in civil or societal struggles. Troops in national armies are usually called 'heroes', not martyrs.


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    I think that with "martyr" there is also an element of giving one's life voluntarily or at least going into a situation knowing that you are probably going to be killed and doing it anyway. For example, if person A had been wrongly condemned to death and person B somehow took his place, then B would rightly be described as a martyr. Troops in battle know that they might get killed but hope that they won't and do everything possible to prevent it.
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