Who do or Who does ?

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    I think the phrase you're looking for is:
    Who looks better in white?
    Who looks best in white?

    In either case, we'd use the singular "who looks".

    EDIT: I hadn't seen la grive solitaire's answer when I wrote this, but we're clearly agreeing!
    I would say
    - who does white suit better? (does, not do)
    - who looks better in white?


    - who wears white better?

    but the first two seem more natural to me.
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    For a designer, "does" might work.

    Who does white better? Calvin Klein, or Stella McCartney?
    Can we use "do" behind "who" for plural ?
    It is not usual when 'who' is interrogative (we normally say 'Who does ...?' rather than 'Who do ...?').
    It is quite normal when 'who' is relative ('Those who do that kind of thing deserve all they get').
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