Who doesn't Vs who wouldn't


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Hello everybody
I would appreciate it if someone could let me know if I' right or wrong regarding the following self-made example:
- Do you like to travel? --- Who doesn’t?!
In the above sentence, the part "Who doesn’t?!" is in common use and perhaps is the choice of most native speakers, but I would like to know if the sentence "Who wouldn't?!" works properly or not? (Grammatically and semantically)
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    No, not as an answer to that question. "Doesn't" in the answer goes with "do you like" in the question. "Who doesn't" means "Yes, I do".

    Would you take up a job that gave you the chance to travel to exotic places?
    Who wouldn't?


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    I think it sounds very odd.

    When answering questions with this sort of rhetorical response, we normally tend to match question and answer, so:
    - Do you like to travel? --- Who doesn’t?!
    - Would you like to travel? --- Who wouldn’t?! :)