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    I am translating a petition and am not sure about the meaning of "who has generally appeared"?.

    Could you please explain?



    Extract from the petition -

    1. Plaintiff is an individual residing in Texas.
    2. Defendant is a firm, a Texas limited liability company, [address], Texas, who has generally appeared. The defendant may be served with Plaintiff's petition by serving its attorney of record.
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    This is when the Texas entity's in-house lawyer or outside law firm/lawyer has appeared in court on behalf of a client for all purposes connected with a pending lawsuit.
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    There are two kinds of appearance -- a general appearance is the usual one.

    Less commonly, there is a special appearance. The attorney appears for the party only for that particular appearance, and is not their attorney of record for all purposes.
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    When a party generally appears, it means that the party has accepted the assertion of the court's jurisdiction over him.

    When a party specially appears, it means that the party has not accepted the assertion of the court's jurisdiction over him and he is appearing solely to contest the court's jurisdiction. If the court agrees that it has no jurisdiction over the party, he is no longer part of the litigation.

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