who is giving whom cramp

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Muri 22

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Hi everybody! I’m translating a novel about a woman of 32 that describes how difficult it is to accept her pregnancy, the relationship with her boyfriend, stepchildren of four and two, mother and friends, among other things. In this part, she describes a weekend in Gales, so it says like this: He’s asleep. His breath gently pours on to the back of my neck, his right arm is thrown across my body, my back is toasted by his chest, and our legs are so entangled that it’s nearly impossible to work out who is giving whom cramp.
My attempt: Su respiración acaricia suavemente la parte de atrás de mi cuello, su brazo izquierdo abraza mi almohada, su brazo derecho está cruzado sobre/me cruza el cuerpo, mi espalda recibe el calor de su pecho, y nuestras piernas están tan enredadas que es casi imposible determinar decir quién le está dando calambre a quién.
I’m not satisfied with the translation of “who is giving whom cramp” as I’m not sure whether I’ve understood the idea correctly. The thing is that “cramp” stands for “calambre” in Spanish. What do you think? Thanks in advance! Any suggestions are welcome!
  • micafe

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    ".. quién le está provocando un calambre a quién". No le veo otra posible traducción, eso es lo que dice el original. :)
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