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Hi forum!!!

Please give me a hand on this:

She loves her aunt. If I want to make the question...

Who love(s?) her aunt?

Should I put the "s" in the verb?
  • Diddy

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    That means when making questions with: who, the verb should always have the (s), no matter the person will be in the answer? like:

    Question: Who enjoys singing?
    answer: They enjoy singing.

    Question: Who cares about me?
    answer: I care about you.

    Question: Who phones you everyday?
    answer: Mary phones me everyday.

    Are those correct?

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    Thanks!! Now I have something that makes me think again:

    They love their aunt.

    Who love(s?) their aunt?

    If the question has the word their, it is obvious that the answer will be they... then, in this case, should the verb have the (s) ?

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    Hi Diddy

    The normal question Who? is in the singular.

    If you want to make clear that you're expecting a plural answer, you'll use "which?"

    Who loves their aunt?
    Which children love their aunt?

    A variant is Which of? which could be used in both singular and plural

    Which of the children loves their aunt? (expecting a singular answer)
    Which of the children love their aunt? (expecting a plural answer)