Who Shall We Invite To The Party? Whoever You Want.


Me pueden ayudar con esta pregunta?
Who shall we invite to the party?
I don't mind. Whoever you want.

Mi duda es: Es 'who' or 'whom'?. Y en la respuesta es: 'Whoever' or 'Whomever'? Y la pregunta esta bien con 'Who' o es que se debería decir 'Whom' shall we invite to the party?. Help me please!!!

  • xqby

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    English (U.S.)
    I'm pretty sure either is right, but I'd go with "whoever."

    "Whom" and "whomever" is only really mandated after prepositions.

    "For whom shall we throw this party?"
    "For whomever we want." por ejemplo.

    Certainly in verbal English "Whomever you want." would sound odd to me.
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