who slept his way to the middle

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  1. orygoz New Member

    Hi everyone!
    i have a quastion, what is mean the follow sentence?
    I am not shure, if I right understanding this. Thanks!

    "Just never figured you for a guy who slept his way to the middle"
  2. PaulQ

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    Where did you find the sentence, who is saying it and why are they saying it?
  3. orygoz New Member

    hi, in the film the proposal, << --->> father say this sentence to son..

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  4. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Hello orygoz.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    We ask people to name the source of any quotation. I see that this is from the movie, The Proposal.
    Here is a link to the dialogue transcript on Script-o-rama.com.

    (A link to the source isn't required, but it sometimes helps people answer your questions. You can't post links now because you are a new member, but later you will be able to.)

    Added: I see that you named the source while I was writing this. :thumbsup:
    (But we don't allow references to YouTube, so I'll remove that. People can look at the link above.)
  5. orygoz New Member

    yes, right, from film. Ok, thanks for link..
    (redit: Cagey, ok. No links)
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  6. PaulQ

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    Given the context, the usual phrase is "To sleep your way to the top." This was originally used of women and means that they had made love to all their bosses and this is how and why they had made their way to the top of the business (on the presumption that there could be no other way for a woman to progress.)

    It is unusual for this to be applied to a man, but that is what is suggested. However, Andrew seems to be suggesting that his father had sex with the woman in order to obtain his position in the firm.

    Further, the position is not at the top, it is only in the middle of the firm's hierarchy.
  7. orygoz New Member

    hi, PaulQ! thank you for answer. Here the kontext from the film:

    That's a hell of a first impression, Dad. What the hell, Andrew? You show up after all this time with this woman you hated, - now she's your girlfriend? - We just got here. Can we wait two seconds before we throw the kitchen sink at each other? Just never figured you for a guy who slept his way to the middle. I'll have you know that that woman in there is one of the most respected editors.
  8. JustKate

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    I've seen this movie - surely it's the father who's saying this to his son (Andrew), right?

    But other than that, I agree with Paul. The saying is "slept her way to the top" ("her" because it used to be applied only to women). The father is switching this up in two ways, first by suggesting that his son has used sex as a way to rise in the ranks of the company he works for, and second by saying that it's got Andrew to "the middle" rather than to the top.
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  9. orygoz New Member

    hi JustKate! yes, right.
    I understand yet better, what it is mean.
    PaulQ´s explenation was also good, you right.

    thank You together again.

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