Who was "shooting terns and penguins" ?

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Who was "shooting terns and penguins" ? And does "the news" mean September 11 attack? Could anyone reword the sentence for me, I am confusing about its logic.
According to the context, Chris, who was a freelance photographer, spent a few months on North Atlantic on an assignment.

It wasn’t just New York. London was the same. Cities twinned by their paranoia, waiting for the next big bang.
Chris shook his head; it was becoming an ugly world; one waiting, spoiling for a fight. Those months away from it all, away from people, shooting terns and penguins; that had been a refreshing antidote. But on coming back from his months of solitude, the whole Muslim-Christian hate-thing seemed to have gotten worse. The news seemed to be fuelled by this alone these days.
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    Chris was shooting terns and penguins. In this context 'shooting' means 'photographing', not hunting.

    'The news' is referring generally to the newspapers, television news, radio news etc.

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    "Does the "whole Muslim-Christian hate-thing" means things that hated by the whole Muslim and Christian world?"

    No, here it means the hate between Muslims and Christians
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