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Hi everybody,
1.Who is this for?
1a. For whom is this?
2.Who are you expecting now?
2a.Whom are you expecting now?
3.Say whom you think will get the prize?
3a.Say who you think will get the prize?
4.Who do you think we met?
4a.Whom do you think we met?
All the pair of sentence are correct grammatically?
Does each pair mean the same?
If you find mistakes, please guide me.
  • Frank78

    Senior Member
    Say whom you think will get the prize?

    I think this is wrong, it should be "who". You ask for the subject.

    I think, Peter will get the prize.

    With "whom" you ask for the object.


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    United States, English
    If you break it down into small pieces, it's easier to follow the grammar.

    Who will get the prize?
    Who (do you think) will get the prize.
    Say who you think will get the prize.

    who is the subject of the verb will get

    A simple way to test is to substitute he or him in the sentence and see which sounds better. Also remove phrases (like you think) which interrupt the flow:

    Say who/whom will get the prize. Say he/him will get the prize.

    The word whom is disappearing from English, and many people, including published authors, use it incorrectly, when who is the correct word, as in this case. Many people avoid it altogether, and consider it pretentious, especially in conversation. In very formal prose, it's probably best to use it, but only if you're sure you're using it correctly! I'd rather see who used where whom would be correct, than the other way around.
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